Meet Our FuckUp Nights Seattle Vol.2 Speakers

It isn’t a FuckUp night if there are no speakers. So, behold our lineup!

Kim Flanery-Rye
Creative Director, Yesler

Kim brings nearly 20 years of experience in art, design, communication, training, marketing and management. Kim leads and directs a growing team of more than 40 creative minds, who deliver quality work for her clients in the fast-paced B2B marketing world. Prior to joining Yesler, Kim provided leadership coaching and guidance for executives across the finance organizations for communication strategy and execution at T-Mobile. She also owns an award winning retail boutique and gallery supporting over 140 local artist and designers.

Bryan Copley
Co-Founder and CEO, CityBldr

Bryan is the CEO of CityBldr, a disruptive real estate tech company that uses AI to determine the best use of every piece of land. His team has found $38B in underutilized real estate in Seattle alone, and has 300 real estate developers using their product and over 3000 property owners registered in King County. He served as both a member and Chair of the Corporate Committee at the Seattle Symphony, and as an advisor to several startups, including Triangul8, Botana and Storm Sensor. Bryan has worked in real estate since 2004 and founded 3 real estate companies, and is excited to share his FuckUps!

Priya Sinha Cloutier
Principal Attorney, Cloutier Global

Founded by Priya Cloutier, Cloutier Global is a full services Intellectual Property Firm. After working for large law firms, Priya chose to pursue her passion of working with start-ups and emerging companies helping them build their business. Priya’s background is in Nuclear Engineering. Prior to becoming a lawyer, she spent many years developing methods to measure and manage nuclear and chemical waste. She has worked at Los Alamos National Engineering Laboratories, Idaho National Engineering Laboratories, and Hanford. Priya’s engineering experience helped her find a passion for clean technologies and energy, economic improvement, and bringing new ideas to the world.

Ben Weagraff
Founder and CEO, Saffron Key

Ben’s patent applications in the area of “Shared Customer Relationship Management” allow small businesses to uncover new customer insights and drive new revenue streams. This twist on existing methodologies was borne out of his research into enterprise CRM and his time as a small business owner. Historically, Ben is a business consultant and economist. He is currently in the throes of raising money and finding employees for his first startup, and he can’t wait to share the experience.

Remember to register via Eventbrite, download the app or print out your ticket to show at the door. We’ll be waiting on Thursday, November 17th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm at:

WeWork Seattle

Holyoke Building

107 Spring St

Seattle, WA



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